Best Game of Thrones Quotes Season 7 Episode 6

“You told me to do nothing before and I listened to you. I’m not doing nothing again” - Daenerys Targaryen - Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 6 quotes

The penultimate episode of Game of Thrones Season 7 has some thrilling scenes in it, and with those come great quotes! Arya, Tyrion, Daenerys combine with others to bring some great quotes.

Here are the best Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 6 quotes.

1. “I knew what I was doing was against the rules, but he was smiling, so I knew it wasn’t wrong. The rules were wrong” – Arya Stark

Thinking back to the past with Sansa, Arya talks about how she picked up a bow Bran had left behind near the archery targets and fired arrows off until she hit a bullseye. When she finally did hit a bullseye, she said she heard her father clapping behind her with a smile on his face – despite it being against the rules for her to shoot a bow. So her correct conclusion was that the rules were wrong.

2. “Sometimes fear makes them do unfortunate things. I’ll go with anger” – Arya Stark

Sansa tries to calm her sister’s wrath by saying people do unfortunate things when they’re angry. Arya instantly replies that they do the same in fear, and she knows which she would rather be.

3. “I don’t give two shits about wildlings. It’s gingers I hate” – The Hound

Tormund approaches The Hound to spark up a conversation, but he’s met with the same “fuck off” that has greeted many people since The Hound was found alive again. He asks if he’s always been mean or if he just hates wildlings, but The Hound reveals it’s actually gingers he has something against.

4. “Gingers are beautiful. We are kissed by fire, just like you” – Tormund Giantsbane

In response to The Hound’s quote, Tormund defends his ginger hair in a clever fashion by comparing how it is kissed by far to The Hound’s scars from when the Mountain shoved him into the flames as a child.

5. “Life. Death is the enemy, the first enemy, and the last” – Beric Dondarrion

The Holy Man Beric Dondarrion is asked by Jon what he’s fighting for, so he gives this response.

6. “Oh, my mistake. I suppose he stares at you longingly because he’s hopeful for a successful military alliance” – Tyrion Lannister

Tyrion candidly says to Daenerys that Jon Snow is in love with her. Though she is in denial at first, this sarcastic quote from Tyrion does show that it’s most likely he is.

7. “I am taking their side. You need to take your enemy’s side if you’re going to see things the way they do. And you need to see things the way they do if you’re going to anticipate their actions, respond effectively, and beat them” – Tyrion Lannister

Through yet another quote Tyrion shows how great he is at ruling. This is his reply when Daenerys accuses him of taking his family’s side about an issue.

8. “Every lord I’ve ever met has been a cunt” – The Hound

The labelling that is The Hound’s quote was perhaps unnecessary – it’s very in character for him – but it would look weird to leave it out.

9. “You told me to do nothing before and I listened to you. I’m not doing nothing again” – Daenerys Targaryen

Tyrion advises Dany against flying north to help Jon as she’s too valuable to send into such a dangerous area. She tells him how once before doing nothing got them screwed over, and she is not going to make that mistake again.

And that ends this quote installment! Be sure to check out the best quotes from the whole of Season 6 as well as the two episodes that came before this.

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