Best Game of Thrones Quotes Season 5 Episode 6

"And then chop off his cock; we’ll sell it for a fortune. A dwarf’s cock has magic powers” - Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 6 quotes have a strong variety in them, including funny lines about dwarf’s cocks and epic lines about dragons. It was certainly a good episode for GoT quotes. Here are the best quotes from Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 6.

1. “Is a girl ready? To give up her ears, her nose, her tongue? Her hopes and dreams, her loves and hates, all that makes a girl who she is, forever?” – Jaqen H’ghar

Jaqen leads Arya to where the bodies she’s been cleaning in the house of the many-faced god go, and asks her this question, revealing what it means to be a faceless man.

2. “Have you ever heard baby dragons singing?… It’s hard to be a cynic after that” – Jorah Mormont

On their long march towards Meereen to find Daenerys, Jorah asks Tyrion if he believes in anything greater than themselves. He answers that he doesn’t so Jorah tells him about when Dany stepped into the funeral pyre of Drogo and emerged with 3 baby dragons, making it hard for Jorah to be cynical of a greater power anymore.

3. “Worthless. Cut his throat. And then chop off his cock; we’ll sell it for a fortune. A dwarf’s cock has magic powers” – Slave Ship Captain

It seems that Essos is a strange place, as after Tyrion and Jorah are captured by slaver the dwarf’s fate is discussed ending with the only value he can bring being his cock.

4. “We both peddle fantasies, Brother Lancel. Mine just happen to be entertaining” – Lord Baelish

Littlefinger is stopped by Lancel Lannister, now “Brother Lancel” and sporting a ridiculous cross engraved on his forehead, who warns Baelish that there’s little tolerance for “flesh-peddlers” in the new King’s Landing since the Faith Militant took power. The response from Baelish is this quote, and as is as cool as you’d expect. The fantasies he peddles bring pleasure; the religious fantasies Lancel pushes do not.

5. “Oh, you can smell the shit from 5 miles away” – Lady Olenna

Travelling to the capital in a carriage, Olenna Tyrell draws down the window of it only to immediately bring it up again, complaining that the stench of King’s Landing carried 5 miles.

6. “And the famous tart, Queen Cersei” – Lady Olenna

In an attempt to insult Olenna, Cersei writes while ignoring the Tyrell lady after she has come to speak to her. Olenna snaps at her for this, causing Cersei to reflect on Olenna’s reputation as the “tart-tongued Queen of Thorns”. Olenna is instant in her comeback, and refers to Cersei as the famous tart.

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