The Best Game of Thrones Season 3 Quotes

The best Game of Thrones Season 3 Quotes

Game of Thrones Season 3 has many great moments: Jon and Ygritte’s romance, the Wildling’s crossing the wall, the Red Wedding, Dany raising her army across the narrow sea and many more. As such, the best Game of Thrones Season 3 quotes are quite numerous and have all the theme we love to see in GoT quotes including epic quotes about power, love quotes and hilarious quotes.

From the three quote compilations we’ve done so far in GoT, this has had the most! We’ll let you judge if that’s a good thing – so here are the best quotes from the entirety of Game of Thrones Season 3.

1. “Grand Maester Pycelle made the same joke. You must be proud to be as funny as a man whose balls brush his knees” – Tyrion Lannister

Tyrion suffers a quite horrendous fall from grace following the Battle of the Blackwater, where he sustained a face wound after a knight of the kingsguard tried to kill him, received no credit for his battle-changing move with the wildfire, and then got put in little more than a closet as his old quarters were taken over by his father. Cersei laughs at his living situation, snidely saying that he doesn’t need much room. Pycelle had been in earlier and made that exact joke, so Tyrion mocks Cersei for having a sense of humor akin to someone as ancient as Pycelle.

2. “Still makes me more clever than you” – Tyrion Lannister

One of the more iconic Game of Thrones quotes by Tyrion comes in the first episode of Season 3, and is aimed at Cersei. After his sister tells him he isn’t half as clever as he thinks he is, Tyrion replies that this would still make him cleverer than her in a seamless comeback.

3. “Thousands of years ago, the First Men battled the White Walkers and defeated them. I want to fight for the side that fights for the living. Did I come to the right place?” – Jon Snow

Blimey, Jon, are you sure you’re not joining the wildlings for real. This Jon Snow quote is said to Mance Rayder when the king beyond the wall asks Jon why he wants to join them. Unsatisfied with the first answer Jon gave, he demands a second. This is what Jon gives in return, and was enough to earn the trust of the wildings.

4. “I do not judge people for the gods they worship. If I did, I’d have thrown you in the sea before you ever set foot on Dragonstone” – Davos Seaworth

The best GoT Quotes Season 3 Episode 1

If you think waving a red rag to a bull draws an angry reaction, you’ve clearly never seen how heated Davos gets upon seeing a red priestess. Surviving the Battle of the Blackwater within an inch of his life, Davos sets to Dragonstone to kill Melisandre as he hears she is burning men alive for disagreeing with her. Upon being confronted on this, the priestess asks Davos how he would deal with the “infidels”. He responds that if he judged people by their gods then he’d have acted on her long ago. Davos isn’t too quoteworthy in Season 3, but this is certainly one of his best Game of Thrones Season 3 quotes.

5. “I try to know as many people as I can. You never know which one you’ll need” – Tyrion Lannister

Defending himself for knowing who Ros the whore is to Shae, Tyrion ends up explaining why he makes a point to know as many people as he can. He says that having an arsenal of contacts is beneficial as you never know who you might need if you’re in a tight spot.

6. “It’s all true about Renly; his proclivities were the worst kept secret at court. It’s a shame the throne isn’t made out of cocks, they’d have never got him off it” – Jaime Lannister

Ah, one of the most iconic Game of Thrones quotes from Jaime Lannister comes in Season 3 Episode 2. Brienne’s denial of Renly’s homosexuality brings a joke forth from Jaime, who says if the throne was made of cocks he’d never have been off it. Jaime’s dig at renly remains one of the funniest Game of Thrones Season 3 quotes.

7. “I think you lost this war the day you married her” – Lord Karstark

Lord Karstark’s outward negativity causes Robb to ask if he had lost faith in their ability to win the war against the Lannisters. Lord Karstark asks if he can speak freely, before saying he thinks the war was lost for them the moment Robb married the foreign girl Talisa, which damaged their alliance with the Freys as well as turning the men against him.

8. “So, you know how I got moon-worshippers, and cannibals, and giants to march together in the same army? I told them we were all going to die if we don’t get south, because that’s the truth” – Mance Rayder

Mance tells Jon of the difficulty it took to assemble all of the wildlings in one vast army. The secret, he reveals, was telling them all that death awaited them should they stay north, and that banding together and escaping their common enemy of the White Walkers was the key to survival.

9. “I’m quite good at spending money but a lifetime of outrageous wealth hasn’t taught me much about managing it” – Tyrion Lannister

Tywin’s decision to name Tyrion the master of coin in Lord Baelish’s absence comes as a shock to the whole small council, and Tyrion hides behind no facade, admitting that the opulent lifestyle that comes with being a Lannister has left him rather stumped for ways to manage money. Tyrion is full of funny quotes in Season 3 of Game of Thrones, and this is one of the best of them.

10. “Yes, all men must die. But we are not men” – Daenerys Targaryen

The best quotes Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 3

This is one of the most iconic Daenerys quotes in Game of Thrones and an awesome GoT quote about power. Dany, upon acquiring the services of Missandei, asks if she’d be happy going into war, which causes the slave girl to say “Valar Morghulis”, which Dany acknowledges as true, but says doesn’t apply to them as they are not men. Valar Morghulis means “All men must die”. In Season 3 of Game of Thrones, this is one of the more chilling and powerful quotes said.

11. “There’s a beast in every man, and it stirs when you put a sword in his hand” – Jorah Mormont

Jorah coming in with a pretty hot quote which he says to Daenerys. Dany, against killing innocents in her war, is against buying the unsullied. Jorah argues this is folly, as wars inevitably annihilate countless numbers of civilians. But, by buying the unsullied, Dany can limit the casualties as they are not like men who may rape and kill innocents. They aren’t men, Jorah says, which is a plus as all men have a beast inside whose head rears in times of battle and war.

12. “Send your eagle above the wall every night. When it’s time I’m going to light the biggest fire the north has ever seen” – Mance Rayder

This is one of the most iconic Game of Thrones quotes and certainly a recognisable one from the third season of GoT. The wildlings who are set to climb the wall and attack Castle Black from the south to pincer the fortress ask Mance how they’ll know the signal to attack. Already walking back to his forces, Mance yells out that they’ll see it as he’ll light the biggest fire the north has ever seen.

13. “Ah, look. More shit. I was starting to wonder what to do with the rest of my day” – Dolorous Edd

Our favorite Night’s Watch duo Edd and Grenn are shovelling shit in the pig pen of Craster’s Keep, when Dolorous Edd drops this hilarious line. This comment follows a discussion of how shovelling is the majority of the Night’s Watchmen’s duties. Dolorous Edd has some great quotes for us to laugh at, but this was our favorite quote of his in Season 3.

14. “I became an excellent thief, and soon learned that the contents of a man’s letters are more valuable than the contents of his purse” – Lord Varys

Recalling how he got cut as a boy to Lord Tyrion, Varys reveals how he survived after a sorcerer had cut off his manhood and threw him out to the streets to die. This quote is an example of Varys’ trade; how people’s secrets are more valuable than their material wealth. This one quote gives insight of how Varys’ industry works and how his value for knowledge came to exist.

15. “Influence grows like a weed. I tended mine patiently, until its tendrils reached from the Red Keep all the way across to the far side of the world, where I managed to wrap them around something very special” – Lord Varys

The stark ambition that Varys’ holds is seen in spades in Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 4 as he tells Tyrion how he moves from the slums of Myr to the Small Council. This quote is particularly epic, as he reveals how his influence grew over all the years of his life, and finally reached a point where he was able to find and bring the sorcerer who cut him to his King’s Landing quarters, bound in a box, to inevitably endure a painful death. Varys’ power isn’t witnessed as frequently as Baelish’s, but this quote stands out for us as one of the best in Season 3 of GoT from the Master of Whisperers.

16. “Actually, I rather enjoy him. But he would see this country burn if he could be king of the ashes” – Lord Varys

Best game of thrones quotes from season 3 episode 4

An absolute amazing quote and easily our favorite quote from Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 4 is this one from Varys about Baelish. Olenna joyfully says that Varys must absolutely despise Littlefinger with how much he tries to undermine him. Varys admits that the truth is actually quite different. He enjoys sparring with Baelish, but the threat he poses to the realm is significant as his desire for power is such that he’d destroy the world if it gave him the crown over it. Great quote and a contender for our favorite of the season.

17. “Another golden rose – how original. I eat from plates stamped with roses, I sleep in sheets embroidered with roses, I have a golden rose painted on my chamber pot. As if that makes it smell any better. Roses are boring, dear” – Lady Olenna

A very turned-on lady and beyond the fake people and their machinations abound in King’s Landing, Olenna shows it with this quote. A Tyrell girl makes her something with a rose on it, which prompts Olenna to give this speech, bringing in a funny example about her chamber pot to show the redundancy of fancy arts and formalities.

18. “My real father lost his head at King’s Landing. I made a choice, and I chose wrong” – Theon Greyjoy

A rare heartfelt quote from Theon in GoT Season 3 Episode 4 as he reveals to Ramsay Snow, who he believes to be on his side, that his real father was Ned Stark. And that when Theon went to the Iron Islands at the behest of Robb and then betrayed the Starks to serve his biological father, this was the wrong choice.

19. “You have a taste, one taste of the real world – where people have important things taken from them, and you whine and cry and quit. You sound like a bloody woman” – Brienne

One of Brienne’s best quotes is said in this episode to a whimpering and moping Jaime Lannister who has been separated from his beloved sword hand. Refusing to eat and accepting death instead, Brienne snaps at him that when the spoiled royal gets one taste of the real world he curls up and gives up. The effect of this quote was such that it made Jaime start eating again.

20. “I don’t ever want to leave this cave, Jon Snow” – Ygritte

The Ygritte-Jon romance is awesome to watch develop in Season 3 of GoT, and this love quote comes after the two of them make love in a cave. In the aftermath, Ygritte tells Jon that she never wants to leave the cave; all is good in the world in it.

21. “This one was only the watcher. Hang him last so he can watch the others die” – Robb Stark

A real strong moment of leadership comes from Robb Stark in Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 5. The Karstarks rushed into the cells of Riverrun to kill the two Lannister boys that the Northmen were holding prisoners to take their vengeance for Jaime Lannister killing Lord Rickard Karstark’s son. Robb sentences them to die for these crimes, making one of the sentenced to beg saying that he only watched. Robb sentences to match the crime, telling the guards to hang him last. This quote from Season 3 is a rare exploit from Robb into the world of awesome Game of Thrones quotes.

22. “If I faint pull me out. I don’t intend to be the first Lannister to die in a bathtub” – Jaime Lannister

Even wounded, knackered, dirty, and without one hand, Jaime’s sense of humor is still alive. As he enters the bathtub with Brienne, he tells her what to do if he faints from his recent surgery. He can’t be the first Lannister to die in a bath.

23. “Oh, I’m Jon Snow. I’ve killed dead men and Qhorin Halfhand but I’m scared of naked girls” – Ygritte

Ygritte mentions the time her and Jon spent in the cave near to the ears of other wildlings. Jon quickly hushes her and tells asks her not to talk about that here. Ygritte then mocks how he has killed deadly enemies such as Wights and the Halfhand but is afraid to talk about naked girls. Ygritte is a brilliant source of hilarious quotes from GoT S3.

24. “But it’s you and me that matters to me and you. Don’t ever betray me” – Ygritte

Ygritte gives Jon a heart attack when she tells him that she knows his secret – that he didn’t stop being a crow when he joined the wildlings side. She tells him, though, how this doesn’t matter to her as long as they have each other. They’re just soldiers in different armies, she tells Jon, whereas what they have means they value each other for each other. She ends this monologue with a plain reminder to Jon never to betray her. This is one of the best Game of Thrones Season 3 love quotes.

25. “Face. Tits. Balls. I hit ‘em right where I wanted to” – Arya Stark

Practising her archery skills against a straw mannequin with the Brotherhood of Darkness, Arya attracts the attention of the expert bowman in the Brotherhood. He compliments her archery, but tells her she isn’t as good as she thinks she is. She tells him she hit it exactly where she planned to, but he responds that she took her time about it.

26. “I see a darkness in you. And in that darkness, eyes staring back at me. Brown eyes, blue eyes, green eyes. Eyes you’ll shut forever” – Melisandre

Approached by a fuming Arya as she and her guards take Gendry from the Brotherhood, Melisandre gets questioned by the young girl. She snatches Arya’s face in her hands and looks deep into her eyes, and reveals what she sees. A scary future where Arya becomes a killer. Melisandre’s “reading” of Arya makes it as one of our best quotes from GoT Season 3.

27. “Chaos isn’t a pit. Chaos is a ladder. Many who try to climb it fail, and never get to try again. The fall breaks them. And some are given a chance to climb, but they refuse. They cling to the realm, or the gods, or love – illusions. Only the ladder is real…the climb is all there is” – Lord Baelish

Chaos isn't a pit. Chaos is a ladder - Lord Baelish - Best Game of Thrones Quotes Season 3 Episode 6

Lord Baelish’s most iconic quote in the whole of Game of Thrones comes in Season 3 Episode 6. It’s also one of the best quotes about power in GoT. It’s said to Lord Varys when Baelish is telling him the story of how Ros was discovered to be an informer of Varys’. While Baelish speaks, a chilling montage takes place showing Ros’ dead body at the hands of Joffrey (who is meant to represent the many who try to climb the ladder but fail) as well as Baelish’s ship, which he had promised room for Sansa on to take her to her family, sails off without the young Stark. Sansa represents the people who are given a chance to climb the ladder but refuse, love being her reason for doing so as she is set to marry Loras Tyrell but later learns she will be wedding Tyrion. The whole scene and accompanying quote is magnificently done and truly resonates with fans, and is hands-down one of the top 5 quotes from Season 3.

28. “I’ve seen wet shits I like better than Walder Frey” – Brynden Tully

The Blackfish hears Catelyn call Walder “prickly by nature”, which he believes to be a gross understatement of the man’s unpleasantness. He says this in much more colorful language, as you can see, though.

29. “You waste time trying to get people to love you, you’ll end up the most popular deadman in town” – Bronn

Fretting over how many people will hate him once he marries Sansa and ends up having a son who rules the North, Bronn says a great quote to attempt to part Tyrion from his angst. It’s unclear what he thinks will kill the person in his analogy – the time it takes to get people to love you, perhaps – but it’s an awesome Game of Thrones quote nonetheless.

30. “Then we have 200,000 reasons to take the city” – Daenerys Targaryen

Standing outside the towering city of Yunkai, Jorah advises Dany not to take the city; it would bring her no closer to Westeros and would cost valuable men. Dany plainly asks how many slaves there are in the city, to which Jorah replies that there are at least 200,000. One for freeing slaves wherever possible, Dany earnestly tells him they have 200,000 reasons to take the city.

31. “Tell Robb Stark I’m sorry I couldn’t make his Uncle’s wedding. The Lannisters send their regards” – Jaime Lannister

Upon departing Harrenhal to make his way back to King’s Landing, Jaime gives this instruction to Roose Bolton who is travelling to the Twins for Edmure Tully’s wedding. We won’t spoil too much, but you’ll see the significance of this quote by the end of the season if you’re a new watcher.

32. “Is that a palace?” – Ygritte

Ygritte makes her first voyage over the wall with Jon and the other wildlings. The group spot a windmill as they walk, which Ygritte asks Jon if its a palace.

33. “You’re mine, and I’m yours. And if we die, we die. But first we’ll live” – Ygritte

You're mine, and I'm yours. And if we did, we die. But first we'll live. - Ygritte - Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Not convinced that they’ll survive the attack on the wall, Jon tells Ygritte they’ll lose and they’ll all die. She then starts passionately kissing him, before saying this fiery quote that shows their total love for each other. Not many quotes from the Season hit so emotionally as this one.

34. “So go buy yourself a golden hand, and fuck yourself with it!” – Locke

Jaime returns to Harrenhal to rescue Brienne, who has been put in a pit to fight a bear with a wooden sword. He approaches Locke and tells him he’ll pay Brienne’s ransom in gold, sapphires – whatever as long as he gets Brienne out. Locke tells him there are things that matter more than gold, such as Brienne and Jaime’s suffering, so tells the Kingslayer to, well: see quote.

35. “The gods gave men two gifts to entertain ourselves before we die. The thrill of fucking a woman who wants to be fucked, and the thrill of killing a man who wants to kill you” – Daario Naharis

Sitting in the tent with the other leaders of the Second Sons, Daario speaks to the others about the meaning of being a whore, being accused one himself for selling his sword. He insists this is different; he fights for beauty. He then proceeds to say this line, which accurately sums up the thoughts of sellswords in Game of Thrones.

36. “If you ever call me Sister again I’ll have you strangled in your sleep” – Cersei Lannister

Not one for affection, clearly, is Cersei. At the wedding between Sansa and Tyrion, Margaery approaches the Queen Regent to tell her she looks radiant and telling her they’ll be Sisters soon. After a lengthy walk and a chilling retelling of what happened to House Rain, the former second most wealthy family in the seven kingdoms, just as the Tyrells are, who got destroyed for rebelling against Tywin Lannister, Cersei coldly tells Margaery what will happen should she call her Sister again.

37. “Drinking and lust. No man can match me in these things. I am the god of tits and wine” – Tyrion Lannister

I am the god of tits and wine - Tyrion Lannister - Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 8 quotes

Tyrion, as you’d expect, becomes rather drunk at his wedding to Sansa Stark, though not as drunk as he plans on getting he reveals to his father. This worries Tywin who wants to make sure that Tyrion will perform in putting a child in Sansa. Tyrion tells him not to worry; Tywin himself had called him a lust-filled beast. Lust is what Tyrion does best. The ending of this quote has gone down in Game of Thrones memeology as being one of Tyrion’s best lines.

38. “Then you’ll be fucking your own bride with a wooden cock” – Tyrion Lannister

Joffrey tries to initiate the bedding ceremony between Sansa and Tyrion to humiliate them both, but Tyrion is having none of it. After saying twice that there won’t be a bedding ceremony, he stabs a knife into his table and whispers this quote menacingly. His maneuver works; Tywin interferes and says they’re sure they can miss out on the bedding ceremony.

39. “A bad joke, your grace. Made out of envy of your own royal manhood. Mine is so small, my poor wife won’t even know I’m there” – Tyrion Lannister

Tyrion brillianty defuses the tension that the previous quote of his caused after Tywin says he was sure Tyrion was joking. Clearly drunk, he brushes off what he said as a joke made out of his inadequacy to Joffrey’s royal manhood.

40. “If my father wants someone to get fucked I know where he can start” – Tyrion Lannister

Tywin commands Tyrion to put a child in Sansa so the Lannisters can secure the North through a son of theirs. When the time comes to do the deed, however, Tyrion refuses to do it. Sansa begins objecting, saying that Tyrion’s father bade him do it, which draws this brilliant quote from Tyrion. Seeing Tyrion stand up to his father makes this a really awesome quote of his from Season 3.

41. “I’ll find another” – Walder Frey

In the aftermath of the Red Wedding, Catelyn tries a desperate ploy in the attempt of saving Robb’s life. She grabs Walder Frey’s wife out from under a table and says she will slit the girl’s throat unless Robb is allowed to leave. For a second it sounds as though this may secure Robb’s freedom, but Walder says in a rather bored voice, that he’ll just find another wife. Catelyn proceeds to make good on her threat and girls the girl, as her and Robb are butchered. This is easily the most brutal Game of Thrones Season 3 quotes; Walder is literally saying it’s fine for Cat to butcher his wife as he’ll just get another.

42. “The Lannisters send their regards” – Roose Bolton

"The Lannisters send their regards" - Roose Bolton at the Wed Redding - Game of Thrones Quotes Season 3 Episode 9

We did tell you a few episodes ago that the quote from Jaime as he left Harrenhal telling Roose Bolton to send the regards of the Lannisters to Robb at his wedding was significant, and here’s why. After Cat’s plea for her son’s life, Roose gets in on the killing by saying this quote to Robb before stabbing him in the chest and dealing the killing blow to the King in the North.

43. “Write back to Lord Frey. Thank him for his service, and command him to send Robb Stark’s head. I’m going to serve it to Sansa at my wedding feast” – Joffrey Baratheon

You can almost forget how much of a sadist Joffrey is from his childishly gleeful face during this quote… if the quote itself was not spectacularly sadistic, of course. He says this after receiving word that the Freys have killed Robb and his mother. I don’t think we’ve ever seen Joffrey looking as happen as he was in this quote, picturing a moment of serving Sansa a platter of dead Robb Shark. When questioned on this idea that it was a joke, he adamantly defends that it wasn’t and that he will be doing this, making the scene all the more funny in the most horrific way. If dark humor is your thing, you’ll have loved this one.

44. “Oh… I’m a monster? Perhaps you should speak to me more softly, then. Monsters are dangerous and just now kings are dying like flies” – Tyrion Lannister

Annoyed at his Uncle’s suggestion not to serve Robb’s head to Sansa at his wedding, Joffrey calls Tyrion a little monster. As he walks back to the head of the table, Tyrion says this quote in a deathly quiet voice. We sure are getting lots of great Game of Thrones quotes from Joffrey mentioning Robb Stark’s head, aren’t we?

45. “Any man who must say I am the King is no true King” – Tywin Lannister

Joffrey’s rage is heavy after Tyrion’s threatens his life through a veil of analogies, and he shouts that he will have him punished and that he is the King. Tywin says this quote as a response before making direct eye contact with Joffrey, not afraid in the slightest at insulting the King.

46. “You’re a fool if you believe he’s the most powerful man in Westeros” – Tywin Lannister

Joffrey is sent off to bed by Tywin after he questions his efforts in the war against the Targaryens and, when the Small Council chamber empties, Tyrion brings up the fact that Tywin just sent the most powerful man in Westeros to bed without his supper. Not a believer in crowns being the source of power, Tywin disputes Joffrey’s status as the most powerful man in Westeros.

47. “You’ve been a good influence on our mutual friend, you know? He used to drink from sundown to sunup, visit three brothels a night, gamble away his father’s money. Now it’s just the drinking” – Lord Varys

Varys approaches Shae while she’s alone to talk to her, and opens with this funny line on how she’s been a good influence to keep Tyrion on the right track.

48. “Tyrion Lannister is one of the few people alive who can make this country a better place. He has the mind for it, he has the will, he has the right last name. And you… you are a complication” – Lord Varys

Shae questions Varys as to why he is giving Shae diamonds and asking her to travel across the Narrow Sea to start a life there away from the Capital. Varys tries to justify it to Shae, revealing that he believes Tyrion is one of the few people able to make real change in the world for the better. It’s a great quote as it shows how much faith and trust Varys has in Tyrion at such an early point in his development.

49. “It’s not easy being drunk all the time. Everyone would do it if it were easy” – Tyrion Lannister

Tyrion tells Podrick to keep up in his drinking to match Tyrion when they’re downing cups of wine together, but Pod is unable to match the dwarf’s frequency and tells him he can’t. Tyrion then reveals this insightful piece of knowledge, that being perpetually drunk is actually very difficult.

50. “But if it weren’t for my children, I’d have thrown myself from the highest window in the Red Keep” – Cersei Lannister

In the midst of talking about how children brighten the life of any mother, Tyrion asks Cersei how happy Cersei is. She replies “not very”, but then reveals this haunting quote that they’re all keeping her from suicide.

51. “I do know some things. I know I love you. I know you love me” – Jon Snow

Ygritte confronts Jon after he escapes from the wildling group who slipped south of the wall by training an arrow right on him. He tells her that he knows she won’t hurt him, to which she replies with the most iconic quote of their love story – “You know nothing, Jon Snow”. He gives a light laugh, before listing the things he does know: that he loves her and she loves him.

52. “This war of five kings means nothing. The true war lies to the North, my king. Death marches on the wall – only you can stop him” – Melisandre

The Red Woman tosses a scroll into the fire that tells of how the White Walkers and their dead army are coming for the wall and everything south of it, and says these words as she looks into the flames to see what they reveal to her.

Woah, what a ride! Plenty of great Game of Thrones quotes Season 3 had to offer, and we hope you enjoyed recounting another fab series of GoT.

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