Best Game of Thrones Quotes Season 2 Episode 5

Best Quotes from Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 5

Game of Thrones Quotes from Season 2 Episode 5 are as bountiful as they were in GoT Season 1, and keeps their potency in all departments – love, power, and comedic value – which make us love the series. Here our are best quotes from Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 5.

1. “Oh Lancel, tell my friend Bronn to please kill you if anything should happen to me” – Tyrion Lannister

Having discovered that Lancel is sleeping with Cersei, Tyrion uses his newfound leverage to extract Cersei’s secrets from his cousin. He learns about Cersei’s plans to use wildfire to defend the city against Stannis’ impending attack and, after dismissing Lancel, tells Lancel to tell Bronn to kill him if anything happens to Tyrion. Lancel actually does ask Bronn to kill him if Lord Tyrion is hurt, making for a very funny scene.

2. “He’s gone, Brienne. You serve nothing and no one by following him into the earth” – Catelyn Stark

These are Cat’s words to a grieving and raging Brienne vowing to kill Stannis in the aftermath of Renly’s death. Calm and diplomatic as ever, Cat reigns Brienne in to not take any stupid risks that would only serve to get her killed.

3. “I want them because they’re mine by right; the Iron Throne is mine and I will take it” – Daenerys Targaryen

Dany reveals her motivations behind her mission to ascend to the Iron Throne. She says the seven kingdoms are hers by right and she will not let them be kept from her.

4. “You have a gentle heart. You would not only be respected and feared, you would be loved. Someone who can rule, and should rule – centuries come and go without a person like that coming into the world. There are times when I look at you and I still can’t believe you’re real” – Jorah Mormont

Jorah’s impassioned speech about Dany as a ruler. Despite the beauty of the first few sentences, it is perhaps the last one that evokes the most emotions, with him claiming her suitability for the throne, and her other qualities, make it hard to believe she’s even real.

5. “Loyal service means telling hard truths” – Ser Davos Seaworth

A common man raised to the King’s Hand (well, Stannis’ Hand), Davos didn’t learn how to grovel and lie, so it’s hard truths he delivers instead as counsel to Stannis.

6. “Most of those lords should consider themselves lucky I don’t hang them for treason. Hard truths cut both ways, Ser Davos” – Stannis Baratheon

Stannis swooped into the disarray that was Renly’s camp after his death and managed to get most of the lords to pledge themselves to him. Stannis says to Davos that these lords should consider themselves lucky he didn’t hang them. He uses Davos’ earlier words about hard truths to justify such a grim thought.

7. “No. I want to be the queen” – Margaery Tyrell

Baelish asks Margaery if she wants to be a queen, to which the ambitious noble replies, quite simply, that she wants to be the queen.

8. “You stole three deaths from the red god. We have to give them back. Speak three names, and a man will do the rest” – Jaqen H’ghar

Ah, Jaqen. In Season 2 he was one of the most enigmatic characters we had ever seen and instantly won our love. This quote marks Jaqen offering his services to Arya (Herein known as “a girl”). A girl of course uses this quote against Jaqen later on in the series, so it’s significant for that, also.

9. “There’s nothing more sickening than a man in love” – Dolorous Edd

Samwell Tarly’s infatuation with Gilly wears on Edd, who exclaims that there’s nothing more sickening than a man in love. Sam saying that Gilly would love it where they are, the fist of the first men, prompts him to say this.

10. “Aye, we’ll live another day. Hoorah” – Dolorous Edd

Edd’s reaction to the group saying that they’ll live another day after seeing the Halfhand approach is priceless.

11. “They shall come day and night to see the wonder born into the world again. And when they see they shall lust, for dragons are fire made flesh, and fire is power” – Quaithe

First, I’ll answer the question you just asked yourself of “Who the hell is Quaithe”. She is a strange character, one more explored in the books, who wears a peculiar black mask that covers most of her face. We see her in Qarth, very briefly, and then she isn’t heard from in the rest of the series. She interacts with Ser Jorah in Qarth telling him to protect and watch Dany as best he can, for her Dragons will attract all of the wrong sorts of attention. Her quote is as epic as she is mysterious, and leaves Jorah stunned and puzzled.

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